Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who do you think determines what is remembered in history.

The victor.
That's right, the guy with the guns and the big megaphone.

The victor always determines what is to be remembered as the truth by a people. The victor comes in many forms. From generals and dictators to popes and mullahs, the presidents of nations and corporations. The local mayor or gas company CEO.
Those, by whom the greatest acts of stupidity, greed and outright bloody-mindedness have always been performed, are among the prime disseminators of information in our world. They have an almost limitless capability to control the degree to which their actions become known by the public.

Exactly what do you think they are going to tell you about what they did at work today?
That’s right. Not much.This information is, however, freely available. All you have to do is listen to the radio news and read a bit. Pull your finger out and educate yourself, in just a basic way, as to the nature of your environment.




You could go a step further and take an interest.


You might even enjoy it.

You will spit that you hadn't started earlier if you haven’t already. Guaranteed.
You will become aware of the people who are shaping our future and when that happens, we can get on with the next phase of the process. Those of our leaders, who make decisions which are obviously stupid or selfish or needlessly belligerent, are seldom remembered for those actions. They know this quirk in our nature only too well and hide behind the knowledge of mnemonic impunity while running amuck with the power they wield. Decide to make this end here and now.
Just remember the bastards. It really is that simple.

Create an unstoppable force which remembers the names of the powerful through the eyes and souls of the people whose lives they impact. That would make their every nightmare come true. Especially if it's a politician. If you can link in posterity, a fools name to the results of his works, then he will be remembered in posterity as the fool he truly is. Not the hero he would have you believe he is. Here's where you come in…
If a lot of people are getting upset about something, find out what it's all about. If lots of people are freaking out about something, chances are it’s important.

Ask somebody.

Or read the article.

Listen to the radio.

Just give the subject a few minutes' thought.

Don't forget to think about who might be providing the information.
Read and listen between the lines. But read and listen anyway.

Don't pay too much attention to the box. Certainly not the commercial channels. You've heard it before; they'll rot your brain. If you don't know why they'll rot your brain, then find before they do. Start by checking material on programming psychology and viewer stats and marketing science. They want you average. You are easier to manage that way. TV is the ultimate homogenizer.


When you know the name of someone who fits the description of our unscrupulous power-wielder, write it down and describe the issue in your view.

What do you think will be the repercussions of the decision?

Was science on the side of the decision maker or not?
Was the future of anything but a balance book taken into account?

How do you think the executive of this decision should be remembered?

Put this thought to a blog and link it to me here at http://rememberthemhere.blogspot.com/

This is the first time in history that people in your position have had a chance to write their history as it happened, from ground level. Through their own eyes for their own children to see.

If you simply decide to take this seriously and extol the virtues of my cunning plan to a trusted friend, you and I could start the thing that sets a cure in motion.

If enough people make this a habit there will exist a vast, ever growing, easily searchable archive of information, attached to a culture that constantly feeds it, holding accountable the names of those to whom we may then lay blame, or absolution, in history for the decisions we knew should never have been made.

In this way too, can a scapegoat be recognized. An innocent prisoner acknowledged.

Soon enough, months, years or maybe longer, but eventually, something like this will become a conscience for the super-organism we have become. Tell me you think it doesn’t need one.

We need to just decide to make it happen.


Can you let yourself not do this when such a powerful voice is so easily enacted

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