Friday, September 02, 2005

What does the collapse of the rule of law in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, tell us about the nature of the thing we call the Free World, the West.
We see the most secure nation on Earth struck by a catastrophy of a sort most often reserved for the third world. Thats why the first world is where it is. We could choose.
The civilized, sophisticated town of New Orleans, the cultural hub of an entire facet of Western Culture, goes completely, frieking, APESHIT. Rape and pillage the very hour of the storm. Anarchy and chaos.
Police correctly advising the public to loot for food, the army advised by the Bush Administration to shoot looters to kill.
Now before we go on, I've been through a number of very destructive tropical storms, earthquakes and lived down the road from volcanic evacuations. Oh, and I read the news.
Nobody looses it like that. Not like that.
This society of ours is beyond sick with a weakness of character which completely explains the contempt in which we are held by some cultures.
The Third World knuckles in and fixes what needs to be fixed. They bury the dead and rebuild the houses.
The fat, oppulent West descends into wholesale chaos with barely more than a platitudinous response from Bush.
The leaders of the American people are the leaders of us all in the West.
Do not insult yourself for a second by pretending they are not.
Their response to this event is exactly what would be expected from died in the wool economic rationalists who simply didn't register that the damage was serious on account of the demographic represented in the population.
Black. Poor. Democrat.
It is almost certain that the official reaction was nothing personal. George Bush simply represents the bloody minded mainstream in America and the West.
Oh sure you say, "How terrible!", but did your mortgage repayments figure in your decision to tick the box marked Bush or Howard the last time you had a choice. Statistically, it did.
Or do we assume the electoral process is dodgy.
Statistically, you voted for leadership who repeatedly demonstrate their shameless duplicity and outright disregard for any values higher than pure economic rationalism.
You have found a cunning thug and have pledged him your loyalty in exchange for a pittance in interest savings.
Who am I to assume that my eyes are more open than yours, that my ability to see the obvious is any more accute than the majority.
Therefore I can only assume that the personal priorities of the majority is what differs from those who are outraged by the actions of our culture of late.
How else explain, that in the face of the only benefit to the public being unfettered participation in the feeding frenzy that is the West, we have relinquished control of our world to these utterly amoral business managers. Not leaders of society. Business managers.
I predict that if nature strikes the West like this again, a similar display of our true colours will be revealed. We don't have the strength of character to pull together when we don't think we have an enemy to fight.
Random natural chaos is not something which can focus a fickle peoples mind like an enemy who wants what you got and can be expected will be back for more.
Looks like we'll have ample opportunity to test my prediction.


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